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In 2001, Sonya and David Thesing were searching for a nanny.  While Sonya was working three days a week in her family’s business and David was busy in his sales career, they needed someone to care for their two sons, ages 17 months and two months. 

“When Cynthia (Reinacher) walked into our home, our lives changed forever,” says Sonya.  “Her energy and caring demeanor impressed upon me that she could care for my children and be responsible for their well-being and development when I was not at home.” Having successfully worked with different types of agencies and finally working with two wonderful nannies (the Thesings employed their first nanny for one year before they met Cynthia), Sonya knows the time and emotion that parents invest in the search for the perfect nanny. And Cynthia knows the value of finding the perfect family with which to work!  She has been placed by different agencies around the country, working as both a live-in and live-out nanny for over nine years. Sonya and Cynthia always approached their family-nanny relationship as a team effort, communicating daily about the children’s activities, nutrition and development.  Sonya’s children have thrived as a result of this team approach.  In 2007, Sonya and Cynthia founded The Columbus Nanny Agency.  Cynthia now operates the agency.

“I am excited to be working now to help other families and nannies find each other,” says Cynthia.  “When Sonya and I founded The Columbus Nanny Agency, our hope was that the families and nannies we place together will enjoy the same respectful and successful relationship that I have had with Sonya and David’s family.  I am happy to say that is happening for the families and nannies we have connected.”

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