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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the placement fee?

The placement fee is $1500 for a permanent nanny. The fee for a temporary (4 months or shorter) nanny is $700. The placement fee for returning clients is $1200 for a permanent nanny.

What is the difference between a full-time and part-time nanny?

A full-time nanny generally works 35 or more hours per week. A part-time nanny works less than 35 hours per week. Because the same amount of effort and time go into part-time placements as full-time placements, The Columbus Nanny Agency charges the same fee for both types of placements.

What is the cost comparison of a nanny to a daycare center?

In our experience, the cost of day care centers and nannies evens out at the second or third child.  Infants are charged at a higher rate at a day care center, so nanny expenses may be about the same as a daycare center for families with infants.

Is there a charge to set up the initial meeting between the family and your agency?

No. If the Columbus Nanny Agency and your family mutually decide after the family meeting to proceed with the search and placement process, an employee referral contract will be signed and a $300 retainer will be paid to the agency.  Because we want to be sure you are comfortable with us and our process, we will not collect the deposit until after we have met and decided to proceed. This deposit will be used toward the final placement fee

What is the typical nanny salary?

Nannies in Central Ohio typically earn between $14-$16 per hour, depending on experience. Additional costs for full-time nannies may include payroll tax expenses, paid vacation and holidays, and a health insurance stipend.

How long does the process usually take?

The search process takes an average of 4-5 weeks.

What is your replacement policy?

If a new nanny must be assigned in the first three months of a placement, the Columbus Nanny Agency will work expeditiously to place a new nanny in your home at no charge. 

If a new nanny must be assigned during the second three months of a placement, we will place a new nanny with your family and apply 75% of your original placement fee to the new placement.  If a new nanny must be assigned between the sixth and twelfth of an employment contract, the Columbus Nanny Agency will place a new nanny with your family and apply 50% of your original placement fee to the new placement.

How long of a commitment do your nannies typically make?

We ask each of our nannies to make a minimum one year commitment.

How do you recruit your nannies?

Our agency is both selective and cautious in its recruiting methods. Our goal is to find highly qualified and committed child care professionals. Therefore, we do not place ads in newspapers and mainly rely on word-of-mouth referrals from nannies and families with whom we have worked. Our placement director has built professional relationships with several colleges and universities throughout Central Ohio and works directly with their career and student employment centers. Our agency also works with a non-profit, senior employment agency that assists us in finding experienced and qualified senior nanny candidates.  

How do you screen your nannies?

Once a successful interview has been conducted and references have been contacted, all nanny candidates undergo thorough background investigations. Candidates are fingerprinted and undergo a full criminal background check, social security number verification, and drug testing. The Columbus Nanny Agency also conducts a complete driving record check. Nannies are required to have a clean driving record and a safe, reliable source of transportation. Nannies are also required to be current on all immunizations and certified in Infant/Child CPR. Families may request a credit history report for an additional fee.

What makes your agency unique?

Our goal is to help create lasting relationships, where the parents and nannies work as a team to create environments in which children thrive. Therefore, much thought goes in to the nanny’s personality and work style as well as experience and education. The Columbus Nanny Agency was founded by two professionals who are firm believers in the great benefits of quality in-home child care---a mother not far removed from her time as a nanny employer and a professional nanny of ten years.  We believe that properly addressing the needs of both sides from the beginning will help build a successful, long-term family-nanny relationship.

What kind of assistance do you offer in regard to taxes?

The Columbus Nanny Agency has a partnership with Home Work Solutions, Inc.  Clients and potential clients of The Columbus Nanny Agency may call Homework Solutions’ toll free number, 1-800-626-4829, for free consultation at any point during the search process.  Once a nanny has been identified, Home Work Solutions offers its Expert Set-up Program at no charge to our clients.  For more information about these services, please see the Taxes section of this website.

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