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The decision to hire a nanny is a commitment to the best quality care for your children.  The Columbus Nanny Agency will act as your partner in finding the right nanny for your family.

Our nanny candidates are educated and experienced child caregivers. We meet each candidate in person and conduct a thorough interview.  By the end of this interview, we will have assessed the nanny candidate’s ability to care for your children as well as her personality and care giving style.

Once a successful interview has been conducted, all nanny candidates undergo thorough background investigations.  Candidates are fingerprinted and undergo a full criminal background check, social security number verification, and drug testing. The Columbus Nanny Agency also conducts a complete driving record check. Nannies are required to have Infant/Child CPR certification, a good driving record and a safe and reliable source of transportation. Families may request a credit history report for an additional fee.

Step One:
Contact Cynthia Reinacher at (614) 327-0654 or

Step Two:
A family get together or phone consultation will be scheduled. The Columbus Nanny Agency will assess the type of personality and qualifications that will best serve your family. The consultation will last between 45 and 60 minutes. 

Step Three:
A list of qualified prospective nannies will be provided to you.  These nannies will have been through our nanny interview and initial background check process before they are presented to you. 

If you decide at this point to proceed with the search and placement process, an employee referral contract will be signed and a $300 retainer will be paid to the agency.

Step Four:
Let us know which nannies you would like to interview and we will make the arrangements.  You will have a chance to interview the prospective nannies, either in your home or at a location of your choosing.  We will provide you with a list of sample interview questions.

Step Five:
We will follow up with you on the day of each interview to see how you would like to proceed with each candidate.

Step Six:
When you have identified the nanny you would like to hire, we will provide a sample employment agreement, tax information, and other resources for successful family-nanny relationships. Within one week of your nanny’s start date, the placement fee will be due to the Columbus Nanny Agency.

What if things don’t work out with your nanny?  We will work with you and your nanny to resolve issues that are worthy of being resolved.  However, if your situation is not worthy of resolution, the Columbus Nanny Agency will work with you, according to the refund and replacement schedule, to find a new nanny.

Click here for information about our fees and replacement schedule.


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