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Summer nannies are wonderful companions for your children during their fun time away from school.  A summer nanny will transport your children to and from their activities…and create exciting summer activities for your children!

A summer nanny will work with your family on a full-time or part-time basis for the summer months of June, July and August.  You will work with your nanny to design her work schedule and to outline her responsibilities.

We currently have an outstanding group of summer nanny candidates comprised of teachers, college students, and professional nannies. Our placement process takes about two to three weeks and all of our summer nannies undergo the same screening and matching procedures as our permanent nannies.

The Columbus Nanny Agency will follow a normal placement process for summer nannies.  You can read more about our placement process in the For Families section of the website.

The non-refundable family application fee is $300, which will be applied to the placement fee of $700.  If a new nanny is needed at any time during the course of the summer, The Columbus Nanny Agency will work with your family to identify a new nanny at no cost.

Summer nannies are planning their summers now.  We suggest beginning your search for the perfect summer nanny early.  To begin the search and placement process, contact Cynthia Reinacher, Placement Director, at (614) 327-0654 or

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