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Temporary Nannies

In order to accommodate families in need of temporary nanny service, The Columbus Nanny Agency has developed a Temporary Nanny Program.  The temporary nanny placement process is condensed to four weeks in order to reduce the costs to the agency and the placement fee to the client.  The placement fee for a temporary nanny is $700.  The steps of the temporary nanny placement process are as follows:

  1. Contact Cynthia Reinacher, Placement Director, at (614) 327-0654.  Mrs. Reinacher will disclose how many temporary nannies are currently available.
  2. Complete a family application and hold a family get together with Mrs. Reinacher.
  3. You will be provided with profiles for each nanny in the temporary nanny pool.
  4. Sign a Temporary Nanny Program Employee Referral Agreement and remit a non-refundable $300 administrative deposit.
  5. A nanny must be identified from the provided profiles within four weeks of signing the Employee Referral Agreement.  Once a nanny is identified, the placement fee (less the $300 deposit) will be due to the Agency. 
  6. Temporary nannies work on a maximum four month contract.  In order to extend the contract, families are asked to contact The Columbus Nanny Agency to make arrangements.


The primary differences between our temporary and permanent programs are

  • The fee is lower

The permanent placement fee is $1400. The temporary placement fee is $700

  • The candidate pool is finite and limited to the current pool of temporary nannies

For a long term placement, The Columbus Nanny Agency continues to recruit appropriate nannies for families if the ideal nanny is not identified from our current group of candidates.

  • The process timeline is limited to four weeks

For long term placements, the process is typically 4 weeks, but can last as long as needed to identify the ideal nanny.


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