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 About Us

In 2001, Sonya and David Thesing were searching for a nanny.  While Sonya was working three days a week in her family’s business and David was busy in his sales career, they needed someone to care for their two sons, ages 17 months and two months. 

“When Cynthia (Reinacher) walked into our home, our lives changed forever,” says Sonya.  “Her energy and caring demeanor impressed upon me that she could care for my children and be responsible for their well-being and development when I was not at home.” Having successfully worked with different types of agencies and finally working with two wonderful nannies (the Thesings employed their first nanny for one year before they met Cynthia), Sonya knows the time and emotion that parents invest in the search for the perfect nanny. And Cynthia knows the value of finding the perfect family with which to work!  She has been placed by different agencies around the country, working as both a live-in and live-out nanny for over nine years. Sonya and Cynthia always approached their family-nanny relationship as a team effort, communicating daily about the children’s activities, nutrition and development.  Sonya’s children have thrived as a result of this team approach.  In 2007, Sonya and Cynthia founded The Columbus Nanny Agency.

As of 2012, Maria Illig, colleague and dear friend of Sonya, joined the agency’s team as a human resource specialist. Maria consulted beside Cynthia for the past six years specializing in recruitment, and relationship building with nannies and families. Maria brought personal nanny experience and previous local business ownership. She is also a mother of three, and had previously hired nannies to care for them. In Spring 2018, Cynthia sold the agency to Maria and her business partner, Lynn Kirkpatrick. Cynthia remains in a consulting role for the agency. Maria is vigilant in keeping the mission and model of the agency the same.

Why use an agency?

Hiring someone to work inside your home is a very serious exercise. You will be trusting this person with the physical and emotional development of your children. It can be an overwhelming and stressful decision.

By working with an agency, you are getting professional help in one of the most important decisions of your family’s life.

When you buy a home, you probably consult a realtor. When you pay your taxes, you probably consult an accountant or tax attorney. When buying a car, you ask experts and take test drives. The care of your children deserves as much---more---guidance and expert service as buying a home, doing your taxes or buying a new car.

Simply summarized, the benefits of working with an agency:

  • Peace of mind

  • Reduced workload for you (background checks, arranging interviews, placing classified ads)

  • Pre-screened candidates coming to your home, rather than complete strangers who are responding to your ads and listings

  • One year of re-placement if you and your nanny are not a good fit

  • Expert advice about the hiring process

  • Expert advice about nanny taxes and how to maintain a successful relationship with your nanny

  • Support for your nanny after you hire her

  • Agencies attract strong candidates---this is a big decision for nannies as well and they want to know that families have been prescreened. Our pool of nannies includes professional nannies who have been working in family settings for long periods of time.  We also have some young nannies who are newer to the profession.  If we have included a new nanny in our candidate pool, she is a strong candidate on her way to a long career as a nanny.

Why use The Columbus Nanny Agency?

The Columbus Nanny Agency is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We provide each and every family and nanny with personal attention before, during, and after the placement process. We are a company that is devoted to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. Our agency ’s top priority is to help families and nannies create a nurturing, stimulating, and loving in-home child care environment where children thrive. The Columbus Nanny Agency is the largest placing agency in central Columbus.

It truly is a matter of people working with people. The owners care deeply about the children in our community. Their individual volunteer and career experiences exemplify this deep care. Each family and nanny that we work with is important because in the end, there are children to be cared for. 


The Columbus Nanny Agency is a member of the International Nanny Association. By working with a member agency, you will be working with professionals committed to excellent in-home child care. The Columbus Nanny Agency is also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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