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Nanny Share Program 
In order to provide families with a cost effective child care option with many of the same benefits of traditional in-home care provided by a nanny, The Columbus Nanny Agency is offering a Nanny Share Program. 


What is a nanny share? 
Nanny sharing is a situation where two families hire a single nanny to care for their children. Instead of working for just one family, a nanny cares for the child or children of two families at the same time. 

What are some of the benefits of sharing a nanny?
The primary benefit of sharing a nanny is that families are able to utilize the services of a nanny and the individualized child care that a nanny provides while sharing the cost with others. Sharing a nanny is a happy medium between traditional nanny care and daycare. Nanny shares work particularly well for babies, who greatly benefit from one-on-one attention, and children of similar ages. However, they can work well for children of all ages, as long as the children get along reasonably well. It is also a great option for those parents who want their children to benefit from daily interaction with other children, without the disadvantages of a traditional daycare center. 

What are some important things to consider when sharing a nanny?
Nanny shares tend to work best when both families live fairly close to one another. The work hours and child rearing philosophies of both families must be similar, with close attention being paid to discipline methods, dietary methods, and age-appropriate activities. Other things to consider include deciding on a host home, vacation scheduling, liability risks and issues, and procedures if a family decides to leave the share. 


How does it work?
We work diligently with both families to help you find the right nanny for your needs. Please click on For Families for information about the search/placement process. 

What is the cost to share a nanny? 
With our Nanny Share Program, families are allowed to split the $1700 placement fee. Nannies typically charge a higher rate for nanny shares. The rate is determined by the specific nanny but is usually $16-19/hour.

How do I get started?
Please contact Maria Illig at (614) 327-0654 or for further information. 

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